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As part of a Google news archive partnership project many of our older printed editions have been scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. You can try searches using simple keywords to locate past stories and then view the scanned newspaper pages on your computer as if they were on a microfilm reader.

Click this Google News Archive Search link to start your pre-website era search.

Here's a way to browse pre-website era Courier editions by date:
Because the Courier published under many different newspaper names over the years you can use the links below to browse the individual editions:
For Arizona Miner (Starting around 1866 thru 1871) Click Here
For The Weekly Arizona Miner (Starting around 1872 thru 1889) Click Here
For The Arizona Weekly Miner (Starting around 1877 thru 1877) Click Here
For Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner (Starting around 1893 thru 1900) Click Here
For Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner (Starting around 1890 thru 1905) Click Here
For The Prescott Weekly Courier (Staring around 1893 thru 1911) Click Here
For Arizona Daily Journal-Miner (Starting around 1900 thru 1902) Click Here
For Arizona Journal-Miner (Starting around 1903 thru 1912) Click Here
For Weekly Journal Miner (Four months in 1909) Click Here
For The Prescott Journal Miner (Starting around 1910 thru 1920) Click Here
For Journal Miner (Starting around 1915 thru 1918) Click Here
For The Prescott Evening Courier (Starting around 1920 thru 1970) Click Here
For Prescott Sunday Courier (Two months in 1969) Click Here
For The Courier (Starting around 1981 thru 1987) Click Here
For The Prescott Courier (Starting around 1967 thru 1994) Click Here
For The Daily Courier (Starting around 1994 thru 2003) Click Here

HELPFUL HINT: On these browse screens use the drop-down menu on the left that says SHOW and pull down to DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR or DECADE to get closer to the edition you are looking for. Not all editions are scanned.

Additional Courier Browse Options:
For 8 issues of The Prescott Sunday Courier (Nov - Dec 1969) Click Here
For The Prescott Evening Courier alternate browse (1900 - 1970) Click Here
*Alternate browse includes a few mislabeled issues from 1923, 1934, 1937, 1939 and 1943.

Prescott Valley Tribune editions by date:
For The Prescott Valley Tribune (Starting around 1985 thru 2003) Click Here
For The Tribune (Starting around 1987 thru 1990) Click Here

Chino Valley Review editions by date:
For Chino Valley Review (Starting around 1987 thru 2003) Click Here

Browse links from Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records:
Arizona Miner (Fort Whipple 1864-1868)
Arizona Weekly Miner (1874-1877)
The Weekly Arizona Miner (1868-1873)
The Weekly Arizona Miner (1877-1885)
Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner (1886-1903)
Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner (1903-1908)
Weekly Journal-Miner (1908-1922)

The State of Arizona Research Library
Arizona Newspapers on
Arizona Memory Project
Complete list of newspapers from State of Arizona Research Library

Library of Congress Arizona digitized newspapers

In addition, The Sharlot Hall Museum at 415 W Gurley Street in Prescott, Arizona has a collection of archived newspaper print editions of The Daily Courier.
Phone: 928-445-3122